The Project

This festival connects two mighty countries with rich histories in a sustainable and forward-thinking project for cultural and economic development. The festival places a strong emphasis on reciprocity and celebrating diversity. It is a platform for young people & communities to expose their talents and provide opportunities for growth and development.

The project is an access point to immersive exchange and cultural learning in traditional reggae music, dance, drumming, healing modalities and cuisine. The space is for artists from around the country and globe to share celebrations of who they are, their wisdom, creativity and belonging on the beautiful National Trust site.

Our documentary

Reggae & Riddim Festival unique celebration, arguably one of the largest events Urban Circle has ever put on, built upon an international partnership with Irits Alliance and the Rastafari Indigenous village. It became one of the first officially endorsed events for the 60th Jubilee, commemorating Jamaica’s Independence. Featuring Maxi Priest, Richie Spice, Janet Kay & Carroll Thompson as well as local artists such as Aleighcia Scott, Tarah Kandial, Dj Flipz and many more.

Through our documentary, we relive the 2022 sharing of music, food, art, dance, exhibition, wellness & knowledge from across the region. All in the beautiful outdoor Welsh heritage site of Tredegar House

The festival was made possible thanks to the charity’s hard work over the pandemic and with financial support from the Arts Council for Wales as well as key partners. For our 2022 Celebration, this enabled a team of 9 qualified youth workers and 15 young people of Newport to be exposed to the planning and delivery of this exciting event!

The Mission

Descendants of Jamaica based in Wales want to protect Reggae music and build authentic reciprocity with the motherland.

United Nations (UNESCO) have put the Reggae music of Jamaica on the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage and requires urgent Safeguarding.

Cultural heritage includes traditions or living expressions inherited and passed on to future generations. The festival will showcase original and authentic art, music, fashion, food and products from Jamaica. The festival will be designed and built with descendants of Jamaica and enable accurate representation as good experiences for all to be witness to.

To create unique and memorable experiences, authentic outreach programs, workshops, and social projects fill a year-long programme towards the festival which empowers and inspires collaborations with local organisations, schools, and community groups, forging lasting connections and meaningful social impact.

A space to connect to the rhythm of our planet

Had the pleasure of being able to perform, the crowd were amazing. Wales definitely represented! And well done to all the other artists and especially the team running things! Brilliant festival!

Raz Lee

We need more of these reggae events, bless Wales’ sweet reggae music to the world. Amazing 😍 Weekend bringing lots of people back together. It was a celebration!

Craig & Debbie

First time at Newport and got to say it smashed the bigger event, Well done to all the team, and the Rasta teaching, and their drums learnt loads.

Mark C