Embark on a full day of reggae enchantment on Saturday 27th July at the Reggae & Riddim Festival (12-10pm). From our grand opening ceremony to sound systems to live dance performances, indulge in Caribbean livity and vibrant arts. Dance under the sun, and secure your spot for a day of unforgettable moments in the heart of reggae culture.

Opening Ceremony

Bitty Mclean

Born Delroy Easton McLean but affectionately known as “Bitty” by his friends and family, the biggest British reggae sensation is set to light up Saturday night with his soulful voice and infectious beats. With chart-toppers like “It Keeps Rainin’ (Tears from My Eyes)” and his smooth rendition of “Dedicated to the One I Love,” Bitty McLean is no stranger to getting the crowd on their feet.

Bitty has toured and spread his music across every continent, he embodies the spirit of reciprocity and diversity and his iconic songs bring about the fusion of British lovers rock and Island Reggae. Also fresh from the touch 


Steeped in a symphony of genres from a young age, Queen Omega’s musical journey is a testament to her diverse influences. Raised in a family that resonated with the soulful sounds of Aretha Franklin, Anita Baker, and Whitney Houston, she immersed herself in the tapestry of Jazz and the traditional Calypso beats from Trinidad. Yet, it was the pulsating rhythms of Reggae and Dancehall that truly captured her heart.

At the upcoming Reggae & Riddim Festival, Queen Omega, with her roots firmly planted in Rastafari, will grace the stage. Her fusion of standard singing and deejaying brings a unique flavor to the festival, where her lyrics resonate with roots and reality themes. Join us in experiencing the captivating artistry of Queen Omega as she effortlessly weaves straight-to-the-point messages, leaving an indelible mark on the reggae culture celebration.


& The fire blaze band

Hailing from the serene landscapes of rural Middle Buxton on the north coast of St Ann, Jamaica, Da Fuchaman brings a rich musical tapestry to the heart of Wales. Growing up in a deeply religious family, he found his voice in churches and school, laying the foundation for his soul-stirring journey.

Da Fuchaman’s music, rooted in spirituality, transcends traditional boundaries. In 2016, he formed the formidable Fire Blaze Band, a ten-piece collective that has become synonymous with his dynamic performances. This musical journey has taken him to new heights, captivating audiences across the UK festival scene. Having graced over 20 festivals in 2022, including Boomtown Fair, Secret Garden Party, and Kendal Calling, Da Fuchaman is set to enchant Wales at the Reggae & Riddim Festival. Join us in welcoming this extraordinary artist, as his music bridges cultures and brings the vibrant spirit of Jamaica to Welsh hearts.


Get ready to be immersed in the sonic universe of Omega Nebula, a dynamic husband-and-wife electronic duo journeying from the heart of sound system culture to the soul of Wales. Influenced by Jamaican and UK vibes, their music is a potent fusion of hard-hitting dub, high-spirited reggae, and powerful bass, creating a uniquely uplifting and recognizable sound.

With a stage presence that captivates and a profound connection with the audience, Omega Nebula is set to inspire, empower, and energize Wales. Their meteoric rise is evident with BBC DJ support, including reggae legend David Rodigan on BBC 1Xtra. Don’t miss the chance to experience Omega Nebula live at the Reggae & Riddim Festival – a sonic journey that promises to be unforgettable!

Morgan Elwy

& The 'Bach O Hwne' band

In a groundbreaking moment, Morgan Elwy and the ‘Bach O Hwne’ band step onto the Reggae & Riddim stage, marking the first-ever Welsh language performance at the festival. With steady rock rhythms, memorable melodies, and wholesome harmonies, they bring a fusion of Welsh language reggae, folk, and rock, rooted deep in the rainy hills of Mynydd Hiraethog.

This performance is not just a musical journey; it’s a celebration of heritage, both Welsh and reggae. Morgan Elwy becomes a vessel, connecting us through the universal languages of music and culture. The songs, messages of peace, party, and positive vibes resonate as bridges that span from the lush Welsh landscapes to the rhythmic heart of reggae. A huge moment to celebrate diversity, unity, and the vibrant spirit that binds us all.