26 - 28TH
JULY 2024

Wales, a portal to Jamaica

Reggae music festival in Wales, Yes! Connecting Jamaica to Wales. Award-winning Youth Arts and Advocacy Charity Urban Circle Newport in partnership with the Rastafari Indigenous Village from Montego Bay brings you Reggae & Riddim Festival 2024. As a partnership, It aims to build a long-lasting international project that creates Europe's most authentic Reggae culture festival.

Descendants of Jamaica based in Wales want to protect Reggae music and build authentic reciprocity with the motherland.

United Nations (UNESCO) has put the Reggae music of Jamaica on the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage and requires urgent Safeguarding.

Reggae & Riddim Festival 2022's unique celebration, arguably one of the largest events Urban Circle has ever put on, built upon an international partnership with Irits Alliance and the Rastafarian Indigenous village. It became one of the first officially endorsed events for the 60th Jubilee, commemorating Jamaica's Independence.

The festival was made possible thanks to the charity's hard work over the COVID-19 pandemic and with financial support from the Arts Council for Wales as well as key partners. This enabled a team of 9 qualified youth workers and 15 young people of Newport to be in exposure to the planning and delivery of this exciting event!

Through our documentary relive the sharing of music, food, art, dance, exhibition, wellness & knowledge from across the region. All in the beautiful outdoor welsh heritage site of Tredegar House

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OUR FESTIVAL MAKES TRIUMPHANT RETURN. So, mark your calendars because come 2024, Newport will resonate with the beats of reggae and reverberate with the spirit of unity and joy that only music can bring! Newport is eagerly anticipating the grand return of the highly acclaimed festival which will be held at Tredegar House from July 26 to 28 in 2024. The biannual festival is set to reclaim its position as a premier destination for reggae enthusiasts, promising three unforgettable days of soul-stirring music, international artists, and a jubilant atmosphere

Moreover, the festival will provide a space for cultural exchange and dialogue, where attendees can learn about the rich heritage and values of reggae music, Rastafari culture, and the creative arts. The event will not only entertain but also enrich the minds of those who participate, so now over to you.....

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